How to Do Email Marketing Effectively?

If you want to be successful, you must do things in a unique way and something better than others. Only when you do things that are important and high priority, then you can succeed. In the modern world, e-commerce has become the main business for many internet users and every one of them wanted to be their own boss. Drop shipping is an amazing way to make a lot of money these days and there is huge cash in this market. To be the best, you must be the early bird that catches the worm.

Digital marketing is an amazing way to market your product online. After the increase of e-commerce there is a huge potential in the digital marketing because many of them wanted more buyers and digital marketing is the best way to get more customers from internet. Email marketing is the best way to do marketing for your product. Imagine if you can write an article and make 100 people to buy your product. Internet buyers are very eager to buy things and with the implementation of cashless transactions, more people wanted to pay online and spend for shopping.

Write an attractive content for the readers. A lot of entrepreneurs focus only on how to make money but they fail to impress the readers. Or they keep sending too many emails and make them bored.  Both the ways are wrong, you must adopt only one method. Make your own schedule to send email to people on time. Hire the right content writer and these days all the work are done by freelancers.  There are plenty of talented resources can help you write amazing content for less cost. Hire someone from freelancer or use up work.

Investing money for the email software like Mail chimp or Aweber or some good php inbox mailer can be the first and best way to start your email campaign. Care must be taken to avoid too much engagement with your customers. Give the right product to the email list containing potential buyers. First you must bring the traffic and then you must make the enough sales.  You must convert traffic to sales and find the best leads. What you can do is to start slowly and build your customer base. It doesn’t happen overnight and it has to be built slowly over time.

Identify what your customer needs because this age is for on-demand business. Most people look for on-demand business which requires less man power. If you identify what the buyers need from you then you can get what you want from them. They got the money and you got the skill to make money. Email marketing may not give the success that you expected but engage your customers with attractive content once a week at least. Even podcast are better way to create more leads from your business. Make it habit to give more than you can offer for the price, this creates trust with your customers and can make the second sale with them. Apart from your product, the content is king.

Tips For Availing Server Security


When you are setting up the infrastructure, getting the application running can be the primary concern. Making the application function correctly without handling the security needs in the infrastructure can lead to much devastating consequences. There are some basic security practices which you can make use of so that you can ensure better security of the server.

SSH keys are the cryptographic keys which can be made used for authenticating SSH server as alternative to the logins that are based on password. The public and private keys are paired before authentication. Private keys are kept secret while public keys are shared with everyone.

Firewalls is another way for ensuring security of the server. Firewalls can help in controlling services which are exposed to network and can restrict the access to the server. Private networks can also implement better security to the servers. Private networks are available only to certain users or servers. VPN is also a good means for creating secure connections between the remote computers and then present connection.

It is also good to make use of some file auditing and also intrusion detection systems so that you can compare current system against record of files and also the file characteristics of the system when that is of good state.

BIN List: Understanding Why There Are Different BIN Ranges

BIN List is any software that you can use to verify the BIN of a credit, prepaid, debit or gift card. The BIN is an acronym for bank identification number. Nowadays, it is also called Issuer Identification Number which is normally abbreviated as IIN. It refers to the first six numbers of a card. For example, if you have a credit/debit/gift/prepaid card with a card number of 0213 5672 1958 2156 then the BIN of the card should be the first six number of the card which in this regard are 0213 56. Online merchants are able to match important information of consumers such as personal address information, card issuer and expiration date to the database of the BIN using a BIN lookup software. This will help them to discover fraudulent transaction or suspicious transactions.

The BIN list verifies the validity or authenticity of the information on the card by passing the number through a BIN list database for matching of the information. The card will be declined or suspicious transaction alert will be raised so that the merchant will scrutinize the transaction more carefully if any information provided by the consumer does not match with the ones in the database of the card. Now, that you know what a BIN list system is all about, you will be able to understand where there are variations in BIN ranges.

There are different brands of cards be it credit card, debit card, prepaid card and gift card. Some of the popular brands are AMEX, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and others. Each of these companies or brand names has different categories of card to meet different needs. The BIN ranges are used to identify the brands and card categories. In other words, they are used to differentiate a brand card from another and a category of card from others. For example, the BIN of any Visa card starts with numbers between 40 and 49, that is the first two numbers of bank identification number will begin with 40 or 41, 42…49 otherwise it is not a Visa card. The variation in the number points to different categories to which the cards belong. However, if you take a closer look at different Visa cards, you will discover that the first two or even three numbers of some cards are the same. But for the credit card company issuing the cards, the numbers are different. Having different BIN ranges helps them to provide services that meet the demands of their different customers. As mentioned above, each card category is designed for particular consumers with particular needs.

BIN list helps to differentiate these numbers or card category. When the number is passed through a BIN ranges list database anytime a transaction or purchase is made, it will match the information on database of the card and the information provided. If there is any variation or difference, the transaction will be rejected or marked as suspicious. The merchant when alerted has to verify the transaction more carefully or completely reject it. In other words, with BIN ranges lookup system, online merchants are able to prevent fraudulent transactions and it makes online transaction more reliable and secure.